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Regarding the Loading Bug

Posted by Marckel - 3 weeks ago

I've come to the conclusion that the infinite loading occurs either because of

a) RPG Maker's HTML export reads files differently, therefore somehow blocking the reading of some files

b) The game is too large to be run on browsers without specific optimization

For either problem, neither I nor Reim was able to find a solution. This is what happens when you put people who don't know how to code together to make a game. We've tried various preload plugins, checked through filenames, re-compile the game countless times but in the end, the same error persists.

I'm really sorry, but it's likely I will pull Errevale Fall off the site. It's disheartening for me to see the game unplayable despite most people seeming to like it. If you still want to play the game, the downloadable version will still be available in RMN or Game Jolt.

We're going to move on to our next game, a fun little platformer built with GB Studio. It's below 1.44 MB in size - if this doesn't run on HTML I'm going to commit a war crime.


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I'd really recommend fixing this problem, mostly because if you can't, this problem might come up in future projects (or another problem that can't easily be solved) and it'd be a shame for a project to be cancelled because of it (I use a mac so I can't easily play your game unless it is on a browser). Here's what I'd recommend:
- Reach out to the RPG Maker community and see if anyone can help. Maybe they've run into this problem and have a work around.
- Reach out to a coder. Put a listing on Newgrounds under the collaboration thing or on another site. A lot of people are eager to get involved in projects so I'm sure you'll find help.

Thanks for the suggestion.

I've found some help from forums but the only fixes we haven't attempted are ones that require a deep understanding of the plugins used i.e. JavaScript. A coder would definitely be able to help, but knowing the size of the game I don't want to drag someone else in without compensation. It's just a little game we made.

We're already moving on to the next project so for decency's sake I thought it's best to remove the browser version until it's actually playable. I'll try to ask around when I have some time, maybe add content to the game if we eventually release it again.